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The things you should know about self improvement

Not everyone’s the same. But there are things we all want to do better.

Effective Living is those things.

I take a thorough look at the self improvement evidence, and find what actually works.

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Learn useful things faster. And remember more of everything you learn.


Evidence-based ways of sustainably increasing your happiness.


Do more in less time.
Work smarter so you can reach your goals faster.


Make health and fitness sustainable, rather than chasing the latest fads.


Earn more, waste less. And use your money to effectively support your other goals.

What does Effective Living mean?

  • Effective Living is the things that tend to make life better for most people. We’re all different, but we’re also all human, and so there are some things that most people want 👍.
  • Most of us want to be happier, healthier, more productive, smarter, and wealthier 📈. So those are the topics I cover.
  • We figure out some of this stuff as we go along. But life isn’t long enough to learn all the lessons for ourselves ⏳. We’re often too busy to take a systematic approach, and a lot of the information is conflicting. That’s where this site comes in.
  • You can think of it as all the things you wish you’d known earlier ✅.

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What’s different about this site?

  • I focus on things that make a big difference – rather than tiny ‘life hacks’ for stupid stuff like scraping jam out of jam jars 💪
  • I investigate the research – rather than linking to questionable papers to make it look scientific 🔎
  • I suggest ways things can work for you – rather than telling nice stories about what other people have done 📆
  • I won’t send you emails full of ‘clever’ quotes that won’t make a jot of difference to your life – it’s all about things you can actually change 💥

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