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The difference between Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Reviews

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Doing lots of reviews throughout the year is time-consuming, and can feel burdensome. It’s important to clarify what each one is doing, so you can be reminded of its necessity. This article shows the difference between yearly, monthly, weekly and daily reviews in a table and infographic.

Why the differences matter

This article is to clarify the differences between the Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Reviews I’ve been writing about. It’s important to make each review as small and discrete as possible. Any unnecessary duplication is not only a waste of time, but it means you’re less likely to actually do it.

Of course, it’s good to keep a questioning mindset, and things will pop into your head in between reviews. If you notice that things aren’t working, you shouldn’t keep doing them. But if you’re deliberately reviewing the whole thing every week or more, then you won’t get much done. You’ve got to give time to see whether systems work before you can evaluate them.

Remember this is a framework, rather than something set in stone. You should modify it to suit the nature of your work, and your personal preferences.

Conducting these reviews is a fair amount of work. But if you consistently do them and learn from them, you’ll achieve more, and probably feel better about it 😊

Each of the reviews compared

Vision / Goals / Areas / SystemsGoals / Systems / ProjectsSchedule / TasksTasks / Appointments
What you’re doingHow you’re doing stuffWhat order you’re doing stuffExactly when you’re doing stuff
1-2 days1h1h10m
Last month of the yearEnd of month +3 daysEnd of weekEnd of working day
Review previous year, set new goals & milestones, set up systems, possibly set projectsReview goals, milestones & systems, modify if necessary, set projectsClear inboxes, arrange schedule, set & prioritise tasksCheck inboxes, check ready for appointments & tasks, set time for tasks
Set directionCheck courseClear decksArrange next day
The difference between different reviews

Reviews Infographic

I’ve you prefer, here’s an infographic (high resolution version here) – feel free to download a copy.

To distil the article into an image

Key Takeaways

  • It’s important not to duplicate your reviews, or make them longer than they need to be 💡
  • Each review has a specific purpose. As a whole, they take you from your vision/goals to your day-to-day tasks ⚽️

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